A bit about me…

This is where you get to learn a bit about me and hopefully more as the content and my writing increases.

My Past

I am a former freelance journalist and wrote small time articles, mostly local pieces on historical places of interest. I once did a lighthouse series for the “in flight” magazine for the local bus tour company. Some of my older published works will be shared at some point. All of that seems like ages ago.

My Present

More about me…recently I was running a medical practice for a family doctor for the last 10 years and quit the medical industry in general, where I had worked for the last 15 years. I am a mom of a beautiful boy and the wife of a devoted husband. I have started this blog out of a yearning to return to school to continue with my Bachelor’s in creative writing/ journalism but not having the time, I decided to quench my thirst for writing by forming this page that I truly hope you enjoy visiting.

Hopefully My Future

Sometimes I will rant about some crazy day I have had or just a Mom moment or parent moment. I may post something funny that my son comes out with that I think you all may get a laugh from. There is a stack of motivating kick starter books that I will be tapping into when I don’t “feel” the words coming out. I also will post some random thought or idea, you just never know what you may get. One thing that you can count on, will be brutal honesty and reality, along with some ample doses of writing experiments both fiction and non-fiction.

In the nut shell, this is my space to vent. It is where I will come to exercise my brain and writing skills and hopefully draw your interest and become a place you frequent for a laugh or a good read. Perhaps I will offer up something you can relate to and are familiar with, and maybe something you are not. I am here, because I need to be. Simple. I need to feed my soul, and I need to gain back some of my identity. I hope you join me in this journey, whatever this becomes.

So now that you know a bit about me please feel free to browse my content and hit that subscribe button! I have a feeling I will need all the help I can get. I am so happy you are here and look forward to hearing your feedback as well as ideas you all may have to send my way.

How You Can Help

If you are enjoying my content please feel free to support me by buying me a cup of coffee and if you don’t want to buy me a cup of coffee… that’s okay too!!! It’s awesome that you’re here and I hope you continue to come back and enjoy what I’m putting out there!

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