Changing thoughts…Changing Seasons

Changing Thoughts…Changing Seasons

I love the fresh crisp bite of the early morning air in the fall.  Especially as things begin to slightly frost.  The nice thing about that time of the year is that even though the mornings and evenings get cool, the afternoons retain some of the warmth of summer.  Sometimes just as warm, and the temperature differences can drastically change in the same 24-hour period.  In a way, the best of both seasons.

I do love the warmth of long lazy summer days.  Spending time at the beach wriggling sand between my toes and gazing out over the vast ocean.  Watching the gulls work or pipers chase the waves and tiny bits of food as they wash in and out.  The brightness of the sun and how it feels on my bare skin.  So relaxing, calming and sometimes the only choice to escape an exceptionally hot and humid day.

Personally, I don’t enjoy being sweaty and being subjected to oppressive humidity with no breeze.  So those days, in particular, I will not miss as we move into the cooler autumn months.

I will miss parts of the summer though.  The early sunrises and late sunsets.  I like to sleep in, I am not a morning person, but that doesn’t mean I miss a sunrise.  The light has a way of rousing you from even the deepest slumber, if only but for a moment to acknowledge the start of the day and sleepily drift back off for a while longer.  I will miss splashing or just floating in the pool with my son having endless discussions about nature, the world, or making up hilarious characters with strange accents, names and hobbies.  I don’t know what autumn or winter activity will afford us the same intimate moments.  Eating dinner outside on our back screened in deck.  Watching the fireflies as they light up in random places as we try to be the first to spot it.  The fullness of the long days, feeling like you can get more things accomplished because the sun is still up and bright in the sky.  Almost endless. 

While I am a bit sad to see the summer slowly fade into a memory, at the same time I look forward to the beauty that comes with the autumn season.  The changing of the leaves and all the gem toned colors they morph into.  The crisp air like I mentioned, it seems to stir you, wake you up and get you moving.  Almost inspiring you in a way.  The birds starting their migration south, I love seeing their triangular formations in the sky. Evenings becoming less active and the cacophony of its natural inhabitants dwindling the closer we get to the winter months when there will be mostly silence at night.

Some find the autumn season to be depressing, when all the lush growth begins its slow decline into decay and its owners into dormancy for the long cold months ahead. 

I don’t see it that way.

What I see is an opportunity to start fresh with new changes, finding ways to adapt emotionally to the changing hours of light, as well as physically to the cooler weather.  I think it re-invigorates our bodies to an extent, reminds us that things will always be in some state of change and we must change with it.  For me it is the feeling of the life cycle in a very tangible form, not just the ending and dying or dormancy part, but the life that goes on, hidden until the spring thaw.  I might admit that I go through a similar cycle mentally preparing for the coming months and tucking away the memories and adventures of the warmer weather.  Maybe use those memories on the darkest and most stark days of winter as a reminder that soon spring will come, and we will again be reborn on some level.

I suppose, now reflecting on what I have written, I am torn between both seasons.  Truly torn.  A love of long summer days and warm nights, sandy feet, and sun-kissed skin, of course I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the salt air breeze that seems to wrap itself around you on those sticky days or nights when you need it most. The laughter that comes from splashing in the pool or running aimlessly down the beach with no specific destination.  On the other hand, the crisp cool air, cozy sweaters, hot cider, apple picking as well as the vast array of changing colors as autumn comes into full swing.  Baking pumpkin pies or making homemade applesauce with the windows open and the cool breeze that keeps the kitchen temperature in check.  I secretly hope the delicious scents wind their way out into the neighborhood to be enjoyed by someone having a walk.  Both seasons bring with it some aspect of life that we can identify with, some part that we can find our reflection in.  At least for me… I seek out and find that reflection.   It’s not always apparent, but it is there if you look for it.

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