Just when I think things can’t get crazier!

So if you haven’t seen my Facebook Live today, I suggest you have a watch. It explains most of what has been happening lately, well if you count lately as being the last 10 years. Though this year especially seems unhinged. Check it out on A Mom With Musings on FB.

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I have this neighbor who I will not name because well, it just wouldn’t be appropriate. Now, when we first moved into our house ten years ago this past May, a few of our other neighbors kindly warned us about this person. We listened and kept a polite distance. It also helps that we live on a fairly quiet street and most of our neighbors keep to themselves though are very thoughtful and caring. When we thought our house was on fire due to an electrical outlet a year ago everyone came to our aid and my neighbors across the street took Rem to their front stoop so I could speak with the fire department. So while we all mind our own beeswax and live and let live, we still look out for each other. It’s been a blessing to live here, honestly.

Except for one. And isn’t that how it always is? There is always one shit-stirrer, one person who has to be in everyone’s business, one person who seems to find trouble, and go out of their way to be nasty, snarky and outright troublesome.

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Turns out the warnings were absolutely true. However, being the nice people we are, we have always been polite with this one, said hello when she said hello, entertained light conversation that almost ALWAYS turned uncomfortable and inappropriate. My husband at my behest, went to her house one night after she had fallen and broken her leg and met up with the ambulance crew outside her house. Gave her his cell because she was going to the hospital where he is priviliged and told her to call him if she had any issues.

That was a mistake.

He actually used a snow-blower and cleared her driveway one year after her leg incident because he felt it was the nice thing to do. Anytime she has passed by our house and said something I have always returned in kind and wished her a good day, etc.

A few years ago, due to Covid, we had a Halloween party at our house for the kids because no one was trick-or-treating and I came up with a plan to have a craft and scavenger hunt and all kinds of fun stuff for the kids to make up for it. Well it sort of became a tradition. That year, our friend parked his truck in our driveway and it blocked the sidewalk. So when walking her dogs she had to go around for the span of 10-15 feet to continue on. Apparently, this was a terrible awful thing that we had done and she proceeded up my driveway screaming that we needed to move the vehicle immediately because it was not our property and we had no right to block the apron of our drive and she shouldn’t have to walk around it. We asked our friend not to move his vehical on principle but he insisted being the nice guy that he is.

In the entire 10 years we have lived here, we may have blocked the apron and sidewalk 2-3 times. IN TOTAL. Usually for a good reason. We are working in the driveway, or the boat trailer, or exampled above, had guests park in the driveway to keep as many cars in front of our house as possible as a courtesy to our neighbors. And we are met with a lunatic screaming while a bunch of kids are trying to have a fun Halloween in my backyard. Unbelievable.

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For all the kindness, and tolerance we have shown her over the last decade, she returns with nastiness. I am telling you, check out the video, it’s on my A Mom With Musings FB page as well. The stories.

Most recently I was pushed over the edge on Monday by some comments she made that I dismissed. But she double-downed on her nastiness and sought me out on FB to my private page and carried on her nastiness through messenger. I of course immediately took a screenshot of her messages and wouldn’t you know…as soon as it showed I had viewed them she deleted or unsent them. Well, I know crazy which is why I took the screenshot. Too late for her. Well that was absolutely the last straw. I let her have it. I told her exactly what I thought of her. (I should also mention that she was wandering around my backyard about a month or so ago nearly scared me half to death, I was cooking dinner and saw someone strolling across my BACK yard, what the hell!) Anyway, I ended with attaching her screenshot messages and told her that if I caught her on my property again I was calling the police and having her arrested for trespassing. I also told her that if she spoke to me or my family again I would file harrassment charges against her or at the very least an order of protection.

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To make a longer story longer, today, I went to take Daisy for her walk before picking up Rem from school and got sidetracked by my neighbors next to us who were out fixing up their great Halloween decorations and were commenting on how big Daisy was getting. Well, the walk got sidelined, (I know, poor dog, I will take her for a long nightime walk tonight) and found out some even more disturbing things about this neighbor.

Apparently, she had a conversation with the owner of the property that was otherwise normal. But when she spoke to the mother and daughter that is renting the house on this two family property from him, told them he made all kinds of inappropriate comments about her body. (trust me, I am no Queen of Sheba but no one is hankering for her and her “figure”.) I have heard this kind of talk from her before regarding other men on our street. It’s disturbing how much damage that can be done by someone who is obviously unhinged on a level or two, who can make accusations if she wanted about this neighbor as it would be a he said/she said kind of situation, there were no witnesses. I found this upsetting for she and Adrian have had driveway conversations before and who the hell knows what she may be saying about him! I know at one point she was telling neighbors that she didn’t believe he was a real doctor. ( I am shaking my head as I write this ) So this now has me concerned for my husbands reputation and career of course. I thought she was all talk, but I THEN find out that she went to my other neighbors church, to their thrift shop, and pretended to shop, left, called the Fire Marshall apparently and reported them for violations. From what I gather they did end up getting fined. I haven’t confirmed that with my other neighbor yet but I plan to.

Scary stuff.

I told my husband to block her number immediately. I guarantee she was in my back yard to see if there was something she could get us into trouble for, my pop up pool, our plants (the infamous figs, lol) or anything she can figure to cause trouble.

Needless to say I am done. I have said my peace with her, I hope she sees the response and takes it seriously because I will absolutely follow through on what I told her. We can’t get our fence up fast enough, I swear. It’s disturbing that you can be so tolerant to someone who has basically alienated every single other neighbor on the street, including people 10 houses away! I am done. I went and bought Private Property – No Trespassing signs, a sad thing to have to do. So done. Gloves are off.

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Again, check out my rant on my Facebook Live from today the 12th, on my A Mom With Musings page, that will explain the most recent stuff she pulled as well.

Sorry I didn’t get to rant about my coffee slurping puppy who is the worlds biggest sock thief, perhaps that will be for tomorrow! Here is the evidence below!

Again, check out the video, you’ll get more of the story, I haven’t figured out how to post it on here. I will be back tomorrow with another post. Thanks for checking out my blog, please don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t and if you have, THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Until tomorrow!

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  1. Your neighbor is crazy…. Keep Rem away from her!! Sorry you have to deal with this… your neighborhood is so beautiful.

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