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Hi everyone! Hope you all are having a wonderful and otherwise uneventful Tuesday. First let me say thank you to everyone who has subscribed so far to my blog, I have officially exceeded the 850 view mark and have over 450 visitors to the site! Not bad considering I started this journey at the tail end of August! Please keep the subs coming and share the heck out of my blog! Also my FB page A Mom With Musings now has 42 followers, that may not seem like much but it’s amazing to me, so please be sure to follow me over there to check out my daily FB Lives. Thank you again for coming along on this adventure with me and for the likes, follows, subs and support! You all are FANTASTIC!

As you see in the title here today our family dog Daisy has solemnly sworn to be up to no good. Her latest adventure ended in a $327 sock. You heard that right. A sock. This wee beastie decided to play a game of catch-me-if-you-can (and I did) but chose to add, I’m going to not just steal a sock but swallow it whole. I quite literally had my fingers down her little throat at 6:45am attempting to retrieve it or make her vomit. Neither was successful so off to the Animal Emergency room we went. It was 15 minutes away, I got there in 9. I wasn’t panicking, but I was trying to maneuver the car in a way that would get her carsick and end this adventure early. It didn’t. Nor did I thankfully get a ticket for speeding and eratic driving.

As I type this, the medicine that they gave her to help induce vomiting seems to have worn off as she is menacing me while frantically gnawing away at her benebone or “couchbone” as we call it. She has already knocked my mouse off of the couch next to me once and for whatever reason, everytime I move her couchbone away from me she has to move it right back next to me, like pushed up against me. She had better not miss that bone. I know she loves me, and I love her, but space…Daisy…I need some space. I have actually lost count as to how many times I have face-palmed myself today. I am already debating having one of my V8 energy drinks even though I have chugged down 2 very strong and very large cups of coffee just to make it through the rest of today. I don’t even care if I get the jitters at this point. I have so much left to do today and am already exhausted from all of the puppy drama.

I know the routine, they say make sure your puppy has plenty of chew toys, regular toys, excersise etc…she has all of this, in abundance. I know that now she is, by her age, moving into her teenager stage, so I suppose she is rebelling on some level. Listen. I know, I am grateful it was only $327 and she is fine. It could have been a lot worse, an endoscopy, or even worse, bowl surgery. BUT…this behavior is going to be the end of me. We are very vigilant in our house and we know that she cannot be trusted with anything. Which is probably why the whole ordeal annoys me so much. I don’t know if she should go on her long walk today because of the morphine they gave her. I mean, she has pepped up a bit, but is now back asleep at my feet after a very brief spurt of energy. Maybe just taking it easy is the best policy for today. For both of us. This dog you guys. I love her so much, but sometimes, I swear I give her the meanest “Mom” face I can muster up. Even side-eye her. She knows. I can tell.

The boy has to get a haircut after school today. We haven’t gone in a while and he is a mess. I am taking him into to town for it because frankly they are close and very convenient. We haven’t been to my usual guy in a while, he moved his business a few towns over, not a big deal, but difficult enough to be just out of the way. I feel bad because he has been cutting my sons hair for almost 7 years and knows how to cut it perfectly. Plus my son is so comfortable with him, but with school pictures rapidly approaching in 2 days, I have to get it done. He isn’t going to like it but he will just have to suck it up. Please let the homework be light tonight. That’s the other obstacle to overcome today. I honestly need to catch a break today. I have so much going on this week, Universe…if you are listening…please keep it smooth.

If you watch my Instagram post from earlier today, you will certainly have a laugh. It’s under the user name amomwithmusings one word. I just updated it, so hopefully you can find me and follow me over there as well. I was playing around with some filters for fun and well…check out the video for the rest of the story…lol. I laughed at myself, repeatedly.

I don’t have much else to say today. Not that it hasn’t been eventful enough. With that, this is a short and sweet post, I will be back at it tomorrow. Please be sure to check out my FB Live, all the other social media stuffs and hit that subscribe button here… pretty please… with sugar on top!!

Thanks again for sticking around!

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