When The Holiday Stress Kicks In…

The Golden Girls: ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas

Hey everyone! I’m back!! Sorry for the long absence, we had to deal with the Rona in our house. Though I am grateful that it has become a more mild version of its former self, let me tell you, it was NOT a good time. I hope everyone out there continues to stay healthy and take proper precautions against the Rona and also the Flu, that bug is still out there as well. So wash those hands, and that is the end of my unsolicited motherly advice! I have posted a video below so please check it out. I touch on a bunch of different topics from Christmas, puberty and difficult family dynamics…again. LOL. Feel free to leave a comment or a like, and don’t forget to follow me on Facebook, A Mom With Musings.

Also, please send me ideas for a series that I would like to run with, I have one idea that I mention in the video, let me know if you like it and if you have any leads for me to run with. Thanks again for supporting this journey and please keep coming back for more content! I am going to continue to make improvements to the site so be sure to keep checking in.

As always, you can choose to buy me a cup of coffee, though please don’t feel like you have to. This is my gig, and I am trying my best to earn a living (meager, lol) as a writer. All donations are greatly appreciated! I think you can find the link on my ” A bit about me” page, it’s set at $5, but you can change that amount to as low as .50 cents I believe. Anyway, please enjoy the Bideo below and send me some feedback if you want, it is always appreciated.

Thanks again for visiting and putting up with my craziness! I appreciate every subscriber! Please feel free to share my blog with anyone you think will enjoy it.

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