Pencils, Boobies and Coffee Concentrate

Don’t worry you guys, I am not violating any community standards with Pencils, Boobies and Coffee Concentrate. At least I don’t think so! Today we have a video. I am short on time and have many other things to tend to. I don’t like to go more than a day without posting something even if it’s a video. The only reason I might is due to a holiday or time off with the family.

Please take the time to watch my Bideo as I like to call them, you guys know by now I hate the word Vlog. It sounds like something you would hear in the bathroom. Besides, this website, A Mom With Musings, is more than just video blogs. Today the topics are brought to you courtesy of my son, my life and my need for steady caffiene through the day. I also discuss how I nearly, or actually, ripped off about 7 layers of my face all in the name of beauty. The feature photo is not of the mask that nearly unmasked me but a different one. Oh and by the way, I did get my coffee delivered but they forgot my sandwich. Not good when you need caffiene and you’re hangry.

So off to the store I go to track down pencils, coffee concentrate and cottonballs. I think. The boobies, well of course they are coming with me. Jeez they are such a drag, literally bringing me down. At some point in life I will likely be able to play Hacky Sack with them. Lord help me.

Until tomorrow, stay sane everyone, or at least pretend to be! Enjoy Pencils, Boobies and Coffee Concentrate and don’t forget to hit that Subscribe button and follow me over on Facebook under the same name A Mom With Musings. Thanks for the support!

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