Neanderthals and Genius Weasels

Well…Look who showed up today! Just kidding. You guys have no idea the gratitude I feel for all of you coming back for more of my nonsense. Yesterday broke a personal record and I thank each of you sincerely! As it turns out, Neanderthals and Genius Weasels are probably my lineage. The beauty hurdles I have attempted to jump over for this event tonight is downright absurd.

Honestly…it has given me new focus on self care when it comes to pampering or at the very least, not letting things go. Look, I understand that with age will come grey hair and wrinkles. I am okay with that. What I AM NOT okay with are all the other things no one tells you about. For example, hair on your toe knuckles or the uni-brow I didn’t even know I had until today.

I am not trying to look like a movie star you guys, just be presentable. You know, as a human that is generally acceptable for public consumption. Also, I am not going to spackle myself to no end. My personality sparkles enough! LOL! On a serious note though, I am looking forward to getting gussied up and go out for an evening. It should be great fun.

Please enjoy the Bideo Neanderthals and Genius Weasels below, and thank you again for coming back to hear/read my craziness. I will be back on tomorrow and let you all know about our fancy night out! Also, don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t already! Remember I am on Facebook as well!

Thank you all again for the visits and page views, please keep them coming!

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