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Some Additional Explanation for Yesterdays Post and Other Topics

Hello Everyone! Today, in the video below, I will discuss why it’s important to be a smart news consumer. That is why I chose to include a discussion about the book from yesterday’s post. I felt it needed a little bit more of an explanation. As a result, during my Facebook Live, I did dive into it a bit more. Today I thought additional discussion should happen here on the website.

I am a news consumer, and so are you. Most importantly, in my opinion, it is vital to have as many tools in our pockets as possible. As I mentioned the line between opinions and actual fact are getting more blurry by the day. Because of that, I believe it’s so important to educate ourselves. I strongly encourage everyone to do their best to be a smart news consumer.

Thanks again for all of your support, I could not have hit that 1K number without all of you. Also, remember to subscribe if you haven’t! I do have links on my About Me page that you can use to donate, believe me a little bit goes a long way. Don’t feel pressured, if you can’t or don’t want to donate, that’s fine too!

So happy your here and I hope you enjoy the content so far and what I have planned for the future of this website! In case I get overwhelmed with cooking tomorrow and I am unable to post, I wish all who take part, A Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving.

In conclusion, for me…I am grateful for you. Happy Thanksgiving!

Please enjoy the Bideo below.

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