Funny thing happened on the way to my blog post…

I didn't have one. Well, to be clear, not one to spare anyway. I was originally going to post one of my old articles going with the October/Halloween theme only to realize the last one I had (a feature) I am saving for a post closer to Halloween. If any of you saw my Facebook... Continue Reading →

Dog Hair, Craziness and Other General Lunacy

You guys, I am all over the place today. Honestly, I don't even know where to begin. So, first, thank you all for helping me break the 600 view mark. I deeply appreciate it. Keep it coming! Check out my crazy "Lives" I do on Facebook if you have the time, I always post to... Continue Reading →

Dingleberries and Sore Throats

Yes, you read that right. Photo by Pixabay on First let me start by saying that being a Mom is truly one of the best gifts I have ever received. I feel eternally grateful that my son, who was and still is my miracle baby, is my greatest blessing in life. I am also... Continue Reading →

It’s a dog, Am I Crazy?

Hi is the first post for the everyday stuff. I felt like today was a day that had to be a bit off the cuff and more personal. Not that there is anything crazy going on, but just felt like the right kind of day for it. Put on your seatbelts kids, it may... Continue Reading →

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