A Light for THE RACE

Feature Image: By Beyond My Ken - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=120094877 It was Thanksgiving Eve and the Steamship Atlantic was heading toward the open waters of the Long Island Sound with her valuable cargo. The trip to the New York port should have been uneventful, with only a few minor " rough" spots.... Continue Reading →

Journey to the Center of the East End

The source or spring of a river, that's what the dictionary says. Riverhead means so much more, especially to this former resident. I have many fond memories as a child centered on my grandparents home, which skirted beautiful North Shore farmland. I remember picking tufts of wild cotton along the farms boundary which bordered our... Continue Reading →

Strawberry Fields Forever

Mattituck, Long Island I know that we are now heading into the official Holiday Season for this year, but I figured I would take an old post from way back that introduces the summer season here on Long Island. If anything, for those of you who dread the winter months, this will give you something... Continue Reading →

Haunts and Legends of Eastern Long Island

The sun has set and it is cool. A blood orange sliver of light can barely be seen on the horizon. You make you way back toward Montauk Manor as shadows play on your imagination. There is a breeze, but it has been an unusually warm day for late October. Despite the days warmth that... Continue Reading →

Execution Rocks Light

The Light With a Dark Legend Many of the lighthouses that surround Long Island have interesting legends and histories that come with their existence. Most are associated with terrible shipwrecks and turbulent waters and all have the underlying purpose of providing safe navigation and passage for various types of vessels. Some of the legends that... Continue Reading →

You Can’t Swat This “Bug”!

Long Beach Bar Lighthouse Feature Photo Credit-   https://www.eastendseaport.org/bug-light When visiting Long Island, it should come as no surprise that you are surrounded by lighthouses of varying construction and styles of architecture. You can compare this diversity by the differences found in the Montauk Point Lighthouse, the Orient Point Lighthouse and the Statue of Liberty,... Continue Reading →

Cedar Island Lighthouse

The Little Light That Could Natural disasters, Prohibition, erosion, flawed structural engineering and even decomission hasn't been enough to extinguish the glory of the Cedar Island Lighthouse. Feature Photo Courtesy-Bob Savage http://fineartamerica.com/profiles/bob-savage/art/cedar+island+lighthouse Established in 1839 by the United States Coast Guard, the Cedar Island Light remains a valuable part of Long Island history. The original... Continue Reading →

The Winking Woman

Feature photo credit- Kendra Lombardi A Look at the Fire Island Light In 1826 a light was erected on the barrier island of Long Island. Standing 74 feet high this beacon guided with a a stout posture, the many freighters that trudged along the South Shore. It was a firm octagonal pyramid made of Blue... Continue Reading →

A Revolutionary Whaling Port

"More wonderful than the lore of old men and the lore of books is the secret lore of ocean." -HP Lovecraft Imagine traversing a winding wooded road. The sun peeks through occasionally. You pass a country store or two, a restaurant and gas station. You don't stop because a special destination waits. A jewel tucked... Continue Reading →


The Long Island Express With this years' Atlantic hurricane season well underway, it seemed fitting to discuss the storm that touched so many lives and reshaped our beaches; not only on the South Shore but also stretching far to the North. Rain had fallen consistently for the last week, saturating the ground and the temperature... Continue Reading →

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