Gentlemen Only, Ladies Forbidden (Some original content has been changed to reflect current statistics and facts.) A common misconception is that the word golf is an acronym for Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbidden. Sorry to disappoint but this acronym, according to the large majority of golf historians and other history researchers, is most definitely untrue. It... Continue Reading →

A GROWING Industry on Long Island

Please enjoy this previously published article-given the time of year and the recent Harvest Moon, I though it would be an interesting and relevant post. As you relax in your seat on your way to the East End of the Island, you undoubtedly glance up from your On The Jitney magazine. You might shift a... Continue Reading →

A Broken Beacon

The Shinnecock Bay Lighthouse ...There were tears in the eyes of many old timers who stood watching the old landmark pass away... I was born in 1975, long after this beautiful lighthouse was demolished. Still, that fact didn't stop the melancholy from finding its way in as I did my research. I can imagine how... Continue Reading →

Not Just Another Pretty Face

Liberty Enlightening the World As a regular reader of this publication hopefully you have enjoyed the many articles in our lighthouse series. The series focused on discussing the navigational necessity and historical relevance of many Long Island lighthouses. When I think of the gateway to Long Island, I see an image of Manhattan and the... Continue Reading →

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