Life As It Happens

So I cheated…it’s another video!

Complicated Relationships

Family does in fact mean different things for different people... (also...I chose this feature photo becaues it isn't perfect, I had a better one, but this rang true to me for this post.) So I decided to not cheat today and do a video blog, I won't even type it, you guys know...that I know... Continue Reading →

Just when I think things can’t get crazier!

So if you haven't seen my Facebook Live today, I suggest you have a watch. It explains most of what has been happening lately, well if you count lately as being the last 10 years. Though this year especially seems unhinged. Check it out on A Mom With Musings on FB. Photo by Ryan Lansdown... Continue Reading →

Funny thing happened on the way to my blog post…

I didn't have one. Well, to be clear, not one to spare anyway. I was originally going to post one of my old articles going with the October/Halloween theme only to realize the last one I had (a feature) I am saving for a post closer to Halloween. If any of you saw my Facebook... Continue Reading →

Execution Rocks Light

The Light With a Dark Legend Many of the lighthouses that surround Long Island have interesting legends and histories that come with their existence. Most are associated with terrible shipwrecks and turbulent waters and all have the underlying purpose of providing safe navigation and passage for various types of vessels. Some of the legends that... Continue Reading →

Dog Hair, Craziness and Other General Lunacy

You guys, I am all over the place today. Honestly, I don't even know where to begin. So, first, thank you all for helping me break the 600 view mark. I deeply appreciate it. Keep it coming! Check out my crazy "Lives" I do on Facebook if you have the time, I always post to... Continue Reading →

You Can’t Swat This “Bug”!

Long Beach Bar Lighthouse Feature Photo Credit- When visiting Long Island, it should come as no surprise that you are surrounded by lighthouses of varying construction and styles of architecture. You can compare this diversity by the differences found in the Montauk Point Lighthouse, the Orient Point Lighthouse and the Statue of Liberty,... Continue Reading →

Cedar Island Lighthouse

The Little Light That Could Natural disasters, Prohibition, erosion, flawed structural engineering and even decomission hasn't been enough to extinguish the glory of the Cedar Island Lighthouse. Feature Photo Courtesy-Bob Savage Established in 1839 by the United States Coast Guard, the Cedar Island Light remains a valuable part of Long Island history. The original... Continue Reading →

The Winking Woman

Feature photo credit- Kendra Lombardi A Look at the Fire Island Light In 1826 a light was erected on the barrier island of Long Island. Standing 74 feet high this beacon guided with a a stout posture, the many freighters that trudged along the South Shore. It was a firm octagonal pyramid made of Blue... Continue Reading →

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