Exclusive 3 Chapter Preview

Albert Fourten finds himself living in a very interesting, small and heavily wooded upstate town which holds secrets his engineering mind could never imagine. Enjoy taking a journey with an ecclectic bunch of characters as they help him (in some cases begrudgingly) acclimate to his new home and discover some of his previously unknown history. This isn't just a story about people and fantastical things that couldn't possibly be. It's also a story about connecting with each other and re-connecting with ourselves. And in this case, some "Roots" run deeper than others.

Less than two hours until my exclusive preview of “Whispering Roots”

If you are reading this, how very exciting!!! It will be less than 2 hours until I give you all my very rough copy of the first three chapters of my current project!! Stay tuned! Please smack the follow button both here and on my Facebook page HERE!! Here we gooo!

Changing thoughts…Changing Seasons

Changing Thoughts...Changing Seasons I love the fresh crisp bite of the early morning air in the fall.  Especially as things begin to slightly frost.  The nice thing about that time of the year is that even though the mornings and evenings get cool, the afternoons retain some of the warmth of summer.  Sometimes just as... Continue Reading →

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